Thursday, July 26, 2012

Seeking Out Encouraging People

I continued looking at the painting I've been working on for my niece.  I had such mixed feelings about whether or not to add more to "ground" the castle, so I sought out an artist friend to ask her opinion.

She is SO busy and the timing was good...I went over to her house for about an hour today.  I told her all about Brave Girls Camp and shared some of the things I created in Idaho.  We also looked at Arianna's painting and she said she loved it!

She said she thought it looked "dreamy" and she wouldn't do anything to make it look more grounded.  We talked about adding a bit more white to soften the lower edges of the castle to enhance the dreaminess of the piece which I think I will do.

Then she said something that about made me fall out of my chair.  She said, "Lynn, you have a lot of talent."  I know I smiled from ear to ear.  It is one thing to have my husband or my mom like the things I paint. 

To have someone like Sue who is a close friend and an artist herself; well her opinion means the world to me.  I value and trust her thoughts and perspective in a lot of areas.

It also means a lot to have other Brave Girls stopping by and commenting.  I have started posting some of my work on Red Bubble Artist Site again.  I haven't uploaded any artwork there for over a year.  It helps so much to have other artists commenting and encouraging me in my work.

Why am I focusing so much on the positive things people are saying to me?  Because I need encouragement from like-minded people.  Will I die without it?  No.  Will their opinions make me or break me?  No.

It is easier, however, to keep pressing forward and following my dreams when I feel encouraged.  In my deepest depressions is when I am tempted to isolate the most.  It is good for me to seek people out socially and artistically.

One of the things I learned at Brave Girls Camp is it is fun and encouraging to create in a group.  So I am trying to continue that here at home.  I have this kernel of hope that I can find a group of women here in Iowa who want to get together and paint.

Girls Painting at Brave Girls Camp

More Brave Girls

How about you?  Is this something you could do where you live?  Maybe it isn't an artist group; perhaps a writing group, reading group, or support group.  I need support and I need to paint to stay on top of the depression.  What do you need?

Be encouraged and when depressed apply wet paint! 


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  1. Hey, Dreamy is a good description of Arianna's painting! Very Fairy tale like! I like that your blog posts are so authentically honest. It is a very brave thing to let yourself be so vulnerable. That is probably what makes you so endearingly warm and open. Kudos to you! I love that you are looking for an art group where you live. I have some friends who Occasionally get together and have Art Days. I wish it was more often but life gets so busy. Love you, Brave Lynn. So happy we are 'sisters'!